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Pikes Peak Regional Sustainability Plan – Looking to Our Future: Pikes Peak Region 2030 (PPR2030)

This is from an announcement by the Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments (PPLCG), which includes El Paso and Teller Counties, on 4/20/2012.  If you have not heard, we finally rolled out the Pikes Peak regional sustainability plan – Looking to Our Future: Pikes Peak Region 2030 (PPR2030)! 

To download the entire PPR2030 and its appendices, please visit   We can also provide you with a CD with the document if you prefer. 

Now that the PPR2030 is complete, the real work begins!  The Consensus Committee, the plan’s oversight committee, approved the PPR2030 on March 5th.   Before agreeing to disband, the Consensus Committee agreed on the development of a transition team (made up of former Consensus Committee members and other dedicated individuals) to serve as the interim governing body of the PPR2030 and to develop a transition plan. 

The Transition Team met on April 2nd and is currently working on identifying potential organizational models for the PPR2030, developing a scope of work for the management and implementation of the PPR2030 and identifying opportunities for public engagement and participation.   Attached are the March 5 CC Meeting Summary_Final Draft and the Transition Team 4-2-12 Mtg Summary_Final for your reference.

Abbreviated Plans for Teller, Woodland park, and others

Previous posts have included links to the Teller County Strategic Plan (85 pages) and the Woodland Park Comprehensive Plan (154 pages) as well as strategic plans for other counties and regions.  They can be overwhelming.  Here are abbreviated versions of those plans focusing on energy related policies, goals and action plans.  They can help focus efforts towards building Teller Energy Strategies.

Teller Action Plan (energy related policies only)

Woodland Park Comprehensive Plan (Energy Related Policies only) 2008

New Energy Economy Community Assessment (abbreviated)

Park County Energy Plan Draft (abbreviated)

SOUTHEAST REGION (abbreviated)

Pikes Peak Region Sustainability Project

The Pikes Peak Area Council of Governments has begun work on a sustainability plan for El Paso and Teller Counties.  They have developed goals in many focus areas including energy, water, materials management, transportation, health and education.  There is much potential for collaboration with our Teller County Community Energy Coordinator’s strategic planning process.  Their Regional Sustainability Plan webpage link is here and Phase 1 Stretch goals pdf here:  draft_sustain_goalsNov5_2010

CEC Statement of Work

East Central Colorado Resource Conservation and Development, Inc. has created an excellent description of the Governors’s Energy Office’s Community Energy Coordinator position and the goals and duties thereof.  This Statement of Work is detailed and thorough.

Teller Strategic Plan & W.P. Comprehensive Plan

Teller County and Woodland park have already put together long range plans for their communities.  These plans are not specific to energy but consider many aspects of sustainability and growth.  They are substantial.

Woodland Park Comprehensive plan

Teller County Strategic Plan